Thursday, October 20, 2005

London July seven attacks

On the morning of July seven I woke up on the screaming of my neighbor's, I opened the door and asked what's wrong , my neighbor told me that London is on attack.
Suddenly I was thinking about my brother who is in work on the morning of July seven, he told me that he is ok and advised me not to leave my house.
I personally was surprised and also questioned why those terrorists decided to attack London, innocent people were hurt by this horrific attack. Later on the same day my parents and relatives called me , when I picked up then everyone started asking me "are you ok?" Is your brother ok? I answered we are all fine and I also asked my parents to book for me to go home because I was very scared from life. My parents told me to go to heathrow airport and book to come to Saudi on the same day.
In my view, it is wrong for this horrific attack to happen , London is one of the safest places on the world and its people are very friendly indeed.
I will always remember day that worsened my life because of this attack.
lastly I want to give my condolences to the people of London on this attack, I hope the people who did this attack on London will be brought to justice .