Friday, November 11, 2005

reflection on the international relations course

International relations is one of the chosen subject for university students in the uk and the world.
The reason why most students like my self feel that international relations is the course i would like to do.
when doing my IR course i learned many things like the world wars, the arab crises and most of all diplomatic history.
The professors teaching those courses are very helpful when it comes to writing essays, desertations etc. The university also offers new subjects which i will hopefully do like introducation to human rights issues. I am currently doing very interesting subjects which comes to my attentiona dn also teaches me many things about the past, i am also doing international communications course which i really find interesting and im gaining alot from this ie im learning who to do casestudies and we are doing one as i speak.
lastly i want to thank all my professor audrey wells whose subject taught me alot about the cold wars, professor gary stevens who taught us alot of things we didnt know like blogging, case studeis, research etc.
i also want to advice all students who will read my blogsomeday to go for international relations major/minor , its a very interesting course and you willgain alot from this when you graduate from university.